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Science Newsletter of the Faculty fo Physics

This is a new bulletin, which, as we hope, will bring fresh, updated information on scientific news, research activities, and related events in the life of our department to our staff members, undegraduate and graduate students, postdocs, collaborators and partners. We greatly hope that this Science Newsletter will help us to find new partners in research and shorten the way from fundamental research to applications and innovations, from our fundamental discoveries to their successful implementations in not too distant future.

Всероссийская школа-семинар Воолновые Яявления в Неоднородных Средах

XIV National School-Seminar "Wave phenomena in inhomogeneous media"

The conference papers from the School-Seminar «Waves-2014» will be submitted for publishing in the Memoirs of the Faculty of Physics journal.

Journals » Moscow University Physics Bulletin

About Journal

Moscow University Physics Bulletin was founded in 1946 by Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Faculty of Physics. This is an an authoritative peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes reviews and original papers covering all brands of theoretical and experimental Physics that are investigated at the Faculty of Physics. World-known physicists working at the Faculty of Physics (including 8 Nobel laureates) used to be and are the authors of the journal. The journal is published bimonthly (6 issues a year). Its English translation is published by Allerton Press and online it is distributed on the Springer platform (Moscow University Physics Bulletin).