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The one-ion model and the magnetostriction of terbium and its gadolinium alloy

S.A. Nikitin, S.M. Nakvi and D. Kim

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 1978. 33. N 6. P. 24

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We measure the temperature dependence of the magnetostriction, the magnetostrictive contribution to the thermal expansion, and that of the magnetization of monocrystalline terbium and the alloy Tb_0,5Gd_0,5. We find that the experimental data agree with the predictions of the one-ion theory as regards the temperature dependence of the magnetostrictive contribution to the thermal expansion. We calculate from experimental data and thermodynamic relations the dependence of the transition temperature and the magnetic-crystalline interaction on the lattice parameters. We demonstrate the agreement of these relationships with estimates made according to the theory of the crystalline field using the one-ion model.

Rissian citation:
С.А. Никитин, С.М. Накви (Пакистан), Д. Ким.
Одноионная модель и магнитострикция тербия и его сплава с гадолинием.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 1978. № 6. С. 29.
S.A. Nikitin, S.M. Nakvi and D. Kim
Department of General Physics for the Natural Faculties
Issue 6, 1978

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