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On the role of vibrational excitations of а molecular system in the slow relaxation kinetic of charge on а semiconductor surfасе

V.F. Кisеlеv, S.N. Коzlоv

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 1979. 34. N 6. P. 48

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It is shown that the activation energy of the slow relaxation of charge in the field effect depends on the energy of the vibrational modes of absorbed molecules. The reason for the small capture cross sections of the slow electronic states is discussed. A capture model is proposed which explains the temperature dependence of the slow-relaxation kinetics in various gaseous units.

V.F. Кisеlеv, S.N. Коzlоv
Московский государственный университет имени М.В. Ломоносова, физический факультет, кафедра общей физики для химического факультета. Россия, 119991, Москва, Ленинские горы, д. 1, стр. 2
Issue 6, 1979

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