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Algorithms for multiparameter reconstruction of spectral and luminescence characteristics by the fluorescence saturation method

N.Ya. Serov, V.V. Fadeev, A.M. Chekalyuk

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 1992. 47. N 5. P. 44

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Considered is the possibility of using fluorescence saturation curves to find the following molecular parameters: (i) the quantum yield of triplet states, (ii) the lifetime of the first excited singlet state $S_1$, and (iii) the absorption cross section for a transition from the ground state to $S_1$ at the wavelength of excitation. Algorithms for a simultaneous determination of two and three parameters have been proposed. Requirements to the accuracy of saturation curve measurements were found by mathematical modeling. The results of an experimental check-up of the proposed solution algorithm for a three-parameter problem are presented for the case of eosine aqueous solution.

N.Ya. Serov, V.V. Fadeev, A.M. Chekalyuk
Department of Quantum Radiophysics, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119992, Russia
Issue 5, 1992

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