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Laser femtosecond spectrochronography

N.I. Koroteev

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 1996. N 6. P. 1

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А series of studies presented at the 1996 Lomonosov Lectures is described. The studies were devoted to ultra-fast nonlinear-optical diagnostics of laserinduced processes in the substance bulk and at the interface. They included the development of physical foundations and the organization of pioneering experiments with the aid of specially designed pulsed laser systems. The structurally sensitive techniques of nonlinear-optical time-resolved diagnostics, or spectrochronog1·aphy, developed in this research, have speeds of response in the range from units and tens of nanoseconds to tens and hundreds of femtoseconds.

N.I. Koroteev
Department of General Physics and Wave Processes; Moscow University International Laser Center
Issue 6, 1996

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