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The dynamics of relativistic electron fluxes in the near-Earth space in 2001–2005

I.N. Myagkova, A.V. Bogomolov, Yu.S. Shugai

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 2010. 65. N 3. P. 234

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This paper presents data on relativistic electron fluxes (1.5–3 MeV) measured at altitudes of 360–500 km onboard the CORONAS-F satellite. The monthly average fluxes of these particles in the Earth’s outer radiation belt are shown to greatly increase from August 2001 to September 2003. The monthly average fluxes of relativistic electrons in the Earth’s outer radiation belt in the period from August 2001 to July 2004 are also found to be strongly correlated with the monthly average velocities of the solar wind and values of the Kp-index, with this correlation breaking down after July 2004. This paper discusses the possible reasons for the discovered patterns.

Received: 2009 December 29
Approved: 2010 June 23
92.60.hw Airglow and aurorae
94.30.Xy Radiation belts
96.60.Vg Particle emission, solar wind
Rissian citation:
И.Н. Мягкова, А.В. Богомолов, Ю.С. Шугай.
Динамика потоков релятивистских электронов в околоземном космическом пространстве в 2001-2005 гг.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 2010. № 3. С. 77.
I.N. Myagkova, A.V. Bogomolov, Yu.S. Shugai
Skobel’tsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow, 119991, Russi
Issue 3, 2010

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