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Slow variations of electroconductivity of distilled water

I.M. Ageev, Yu.M. Rybin, G.G. Shishkin

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 2016. 71. N 6. P. 556

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Experimental studies on the measurement of the conductivity of distilled water in a slowly changing its temperature were performed. We detected periodic variations in the electrical conductivity of the water, in observed rate of change of the temperature $dT/dt<0.1$ K/h. Period is more than a day, variations in the amplitude range from + 2.7% to - 2.3%. Possible reasons for the observed phenomena is discussed.

Received: 2016 April 20
Approved: 2017 January 24
66.10.-x Diffusion and ionic conduction in liquids
51.20.+d Viscosity, diffusion, and thermal conductivity
67.80.Mg Defects, impurities, and diffusion
I.M. Ageev, Yu.M. Rybin, G.G. Shishkin
$^1$Moscow State Aviation University (MAI), Moscow 125993, Russia.
Issue 6, 2016

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