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The stability of titanomagnetite basalt of the red sea during the heatings in air and argon.

V. I. Maksimochkin, R. A. Grachev

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 2019. N 6.

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In order to optimize the conditions of heating during the Thellier procedure and improve reliability of paleofield determination thermal stability experiments of titanomagnetite and titanomaghemite were conducted. The experiments were performed on basalts P72/2 and P72/4 of the zone of the red sea, that contain titanomagnetite with a concentration of magnetite component equal to (44.73.9) % and (465)%, respectively. Annealing titanomagnetite for 10 hours at temperature range 290 – 410 °C in air leads single-phase oxidation process. The increase of annealing temperature up to 460-535 °C leads to the fact that single-phase oxidation is replaced by oxiexsolution. The temperature range of thermal stability of single-phase oxidized titanomagnetite increases with the degree of oxidation. In particular, at an oxidation state close to 0.9, titanomaghemite is stable up to temperatures of 410 - 460°C. The use of the Thellier technique to study the properties of the chemical remanement magnetization of single-phase oxidized titanomagnetite with an oxidation state above z0.6 is limited to approximately 20% of it’s value. To stabilize the single-phase oxidized state of titanomagnetite at temperatures above 460°C and thereby improve the quality of CRM research by Thellier method is possible by selecting the value of the partial oxygen pressure. Keyword. Titanomagnetite, titanomaghemite, chemical magnetization, thermal stability, single-phase oxidation, Thellier method.

Received: 2019 July 12
Approved: 2020 May 7
91.25.-r Geomagnetism and paleomagnetism; geoelectricity
93.85.Jk Magnetic and electrical methods
92.30.+m Paleoceanography
Rissian citation:
В. И. Максимочкин, Р. А. Грачев.
Стабильность титаномагнетита базальта Красного моря при нагревах в воздухе и в аргоне.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 2019. № 6. С. 114.
V. I. Maksimochkin, R. A. Grachev
$^1$МГУ имени М.В.Ломоносова, физический факультет
Issue 6, 2019

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