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Calculation and measurement of the back-bombardment effect in the standing wave technological linear electron accelerator

V. V. Khankin$^{1,2}$, V. I. Shvedunov$^{1,2}$

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 2020. N 1.

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Back-bombardment effect is studied by the example of the 10MeV standing wave technological electron linac. The beam dynamics are calculated, the spectra of backstreaming electrons are obtained, the power released by the backstreaming electrons at the cathode was estimated. The observed effects are in good agreement with the calculations.

Received: 2019 August 7
Approved: 2020 June 1
29.20.Ej Linear accelerators
V. V. Khankin$^{1,2}$, V. I. Shvedunov$^{1,2}$
$^1$Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University,
$^2$Laboratory of Electron Accelerators MSU Ltd
Issue 1, 2020

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