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Features of mechanisms of the sources of the strongest earthquakes in the Mediterranean region

E. V. Voronina

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 2020. N 1.

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Mechanisms of seismic sources of the Mediterranean region, not the corresponding models of sources in the form of a double dipole and describing a complex rupture in the field of a source are considered. The analysis is carried out by decomposition of an observed tensor of the seismic moment of the strongest earthquakes on components: an isotropic part (ISO), a double-couple dipole (DC) and the compensated linear vector dipole (CLVD). According to observations for the period (2000-2019), in the region there were 121 earthquakes registry with magnitude more than 5.5; from them 57 events do not correspond to model of a double-couple dipole. For these earthquakes the CLVD parameters were received and physical interpretation of results of decomposition of a tensor of the seismic moment is offered. The similar analysis is carried out for the first time. On the basis of the received results conclusions were drawn about details of the rock failure and the structure of the Earth in hypocenter zones.

Received: 2019 June 25
Approved: 2020 June 1
91.30.-f Seismology
Rissian citation:
Е. В. Воронина.
Особенности механизмов очага сильнейших землетрясений Средиземноморья.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 2020. № 1. С. 64.
E. V. Voronina
$^1$Moscow State University, Physics Faculty
Issue 1, 2020

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