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Root-trajectory study of two-dimensional systems having antisymmetric cross coupling

G.A. Bendrikov, V.I. Ogorodnikova, and N.A. Sukhacheva

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 1970. 25. N 3. P. 51

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The basic properties of the root trajectories, which can be used for qualitative and quantitative of the dynamics of identical two-dimensional systems, are studied for characteristic equations of the form N(p) + jaM(p)= 0 with complex coefficients. Geometric and analytic methods for constructing these root trajectories are described. The degree of the trajectory equation in ω^2 is much lower than that of the characteristic equation, so it becomes easier to analyze two-channel systems described by high-order differential equations. Illustrative constructions of root trajectories are described.

Rissian citation:
Г.А. Бендриков, В.И. Огородникова, Н.А. Сухачева.
Исследование двумерных систем с антисимметричными перекрестными связями методом траекторий корней.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 1970. № 3. С. 311.
G.A. Bendrikov, V.I. Ogorodnikova, and N.A. Sukhacheva
Department of Oscillation Physics
Issue 3, 1970

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