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The theory of magnetic properties for generalized model of a ferromagnetic metal

A.V. Vedyaev, J.M. Neimatov

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 1981. 36. N 2. P. 23

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The temperature dependence of magnetization in the generalized model of a ferromagnetic metal, including the direct interaction between ferromagnetic d -electrons and d-f type exchange, is investigated. It is shown that, at sufficiently low temperature, significantly lower than the Curie temperature T$_{c}$, the temperature dependence of magnetization for a subsystem of localized electrons deviates from Bloch's "T$^{3/2}$"

Rissian citation:
А.В. Ведяев, Я.М. Нейматов.
Теория магнитных свойств обобщенной модели ферромагнитного металла.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 1981. № 2. С. 21.
A.V. Vedyaev, J.M. Neimatov
Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119992, Russia. VNIIFTRI.
Issue 2, 1981

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