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Toward a linear theory of high current dielectric amplifiers using relativistic electron beams

A.F. Aleksandrov, M.V. Kuzelev, O.E. Pyrkina

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 1986. 41. N 4. P. 116

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An idealized model - a uniform dielectric waveguide permeated by a dense, magnetized electron beam - is examined. It is found that an increase in the beam current results in a narrowing of the amplification zone and its shift into a frequency range greater than the resonant. At the same time the Compton mode of operation of the amplifier shifts into a Raman mode or into an anomalous Doppler mechanism. The dependence of the amplification coefficient on the misalignment of the frequency at different values of the beam current is cited.

Rissian citation:
А.Ф. Александров, М.В. Кузелев, О.Е. Пыркина.
К линейной теории сильноточных диэлектрических усилителей на релятивистских электронных пучках.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 1986. № 4. С. 95.
A.F. Aleksandrov, M.V. Kuzelev, O.E. Pyrkina
Department of General Physics for the Physics Faculty, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119992, Russia
Issue 4, 1986

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