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Theory of gravitational field

A.A. Logunov

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 1993. 48. N 4. P. 1

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Within the framework of special relativity theory, based on the geometrization principle, fundamental equations are derived for gravitational field, which necessarily involve the graviton mass. According to these equations, a homogeneous and isotropic Universe develops cyclically and can only be "planar". The existence of a large "latent" mass of substance in this Universe is predicted. The theory excludes the existence of "black holes".

Rissian citation:
А.А. Логунов.
Теория гравитационного поля.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 1993. № 4. С. 3.
A.A. Logunov
Department of Quantum Theory and High-Energy Physics, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119992, Russia
Issue 4, 1993

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