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The magnetic properties of $SmFe_{11-x}Co_{x}Ti$ single crystals

S.А. Nikitin, I.S. Tereshina, Т.I. Ivanova, and Yu.F. Popov

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 1996. 1996. N 2. P. 56

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The effect of substituting atoms of Со for Fe on the magnetic properties of $SmFe_{11-x}Co_{x}Ti (x=0, 1, 2, ..., 6)$ single crystals in pulsed magnetic fields up to 120 kOe at temperatures of 4.2 to 300 К was studied. The concentration dependences of the magnetic anisotropy constants $К_1$ and $К_2$ and anisotropy fields $H_a$ were de_termined. Magnetic phase transitions induced Ьу an applied field were observed.

S.А. Nikitin, I.S. Tereshina, Т.I. Ivanova, and Yu.F. Popov
Department of General Physics for Faculties of Natural Sciences
Issue 2, 1996

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