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Observations of the Earth's deformation spectrum bу means of а laser interferometer-deformograph

V.К. Milyukov and V.К. Kravchuk

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 1996. 1996. N 2. P. 60

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Long-term observations of lithospheric deformations were car1·ied out in the frequency range of $5\cdot 10^{-6}$ to 103 Hz in the Northern Caucasus at the Baksan Geophysical Observatory (Shternberg Institute of Astronomy). Observations were made Ьу means of an underground laser interferometer-deformograph with а baseline of 75 m. The obtained estimate of the spectral density of deformations determines the background level of seismic noise over а wide frequency range.

V.К. Milyukov and V.К. Kravchuk
Shternberg Institute of Astronomy
Issue 2, 1996

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