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A physically realizable whitening filter for cryogenic resonant gravitational-wave antennas

A. V. Gusev

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 2009. 64. N 2. P. 110

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In this paper the problem of a physically realizable whitening-filter (WF) synthesis for cryogenic resonant gravitational-wave antennas is considered in the framework of the optimal linear Kalman-Bucy filtering. A system of equations determining the structure of the Kalman filter for gravitational-wave antennas with a displacement converter is presented. The transfer function of a stationary physically realizable WF is derived. The Kalman approach ensures the possibility of high frequency parameter measurements of Gaussian and non-Gausssian noises in low-dissipation oscillatory systems for observation intervals, which are relatively short in comparison to the relaxation time.

95.30.Sf Relativity and gravitation
95.85.Sz Gravitational radiation, magnetic fields, and other observations
07.05.Kf Data analysis: algorithms and implementation; data management
Rissian citation:
А. В. Гусев.
Физически реализуемый обеляющий фильтр для криогенных резонансных гравитационных антенн.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 2009. № 2. С. 10.
A. V. Gusev
Shternberg Astronomy Institute, Moscow State University, Universitetsky pr. 13, 119991, Moscow, Russia
Issue 2, 2009

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