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Specific features of excitations of “flow”-type self-oscillations in a two-component active medium of a fast-flow gas laser

L. S. Kuz’minskii$^1$ , A. I. Odintsov$^1$ , N. E. Sarkarov$^2$ , A. I. Fedoseev$^1$

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 2009. 64. N 2. P. 149

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The mechanism of “flow”-type self-oscillations in a two-component active medium of a flow laser with an unstable resonator is studied. It is shown that this mechanism is associated with the excitation of edge self-oscillatory in-phase perturbations of the medium components. These flow perturbations with low damping reach the optical axis of the resonator and result in an instability.

42.60.-v Laser optical systems: design and operation
42.60.Mi Dynamical laser instabilities; noisy laser behavior
Rissian citation:
Л. С. Кузьминский, А. И. Одинцов, Н.Э. Саркаров, А. И. Федосеев.
Особенности возбуждения пролетных автоколебаний в двухкомпонентной активной среде быстропроточного газового лазера.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 2009. № 2. С. 44.
L. S. Kuz’minskii$^1$, A. I. Odintsov$^1$, N. E. Sarkarov$^2$, A. I. Fedoseev$^1$
$^1$Department of Optics and Spectroscopy, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow, 119992, Russia
$^2$Federal State Unitary Enterprise GNTs RFTRINITU, Troitsk, Moscow oblast, 142190, Russia
Issue 2, 2009

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