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Hopping conductivity in polycrystalline diamond films

P. G. Kopylov, A. M. Lotonov, I. A. Apolonskaya, A. N. Obraztsov

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 2009. 64. N 2. P. 161

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The results of the experimental study of the conductivity of a polycrystalline diamond film by dielectric spectroscopy are presented. A diamond film about 200 μm thick was grown by microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition for 180 h. Two pronounced local peaks in the frequency dependence of the conductivity were observed. The relevant frequencies were temperature-dependent. These data permit us to hypothesize that the hopping mechanism of conductivity occurs in the polycrystalline diamond film. Two types of electrically active centers with different activation energies and relaxation times are involved in the conductivity.

73.50.Gr Charge carriers: generation, recombination, lifetime, trapping, mean free paths
Rissian citation:
П. Г. Копылов, А. М. Лотонов, И. А. Аполонская, А. Н. Образцов.
Прыжковая проводимость в пленочном поликристаллическом алмазе.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 2009. № 2. С. 54.
P. G. Kopylov, A. M. Lotonov, I. A. Apolonskaya, A. N. Obraztsov
Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow, 119991, Russia
Issue 2, 2009

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