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On conditionally well-posed inverse problems

V.B. Glasko, Yu.V. Glasko, D.G. Polyanin, S. V. Rodionov

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 1999. 54. N 1. P. 17

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The possibilities of a natural conditional well-posed statement and algorithmization of two problems of immunology and seismology are discussed. The results of a mathematical experiment on estimating the modulus of continuity have been presented.

Rissian citation:
В.Б. Гласко, Ю.В. Гласко, Д.Г. Полянин, С.В. Родионов.
Об условно-корректных постановках некоторых обратных задач.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 1999. № 1. С. 17.
V.B. Glasko, Yu.V. Glasko, D.G. Polyanin, S. V. Rodionov
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119992, Russia
Issue 1, 1999

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