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On the existance of global electric circuit in the Mars atmosphere

A.A. Evtushenko, N.V. Ilin, F.A. Kuterin

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 2015. 70. N 1. P. 57

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We consider main criteria’s for the formation and maintenance of the global electric circuit (GEC) in the atmospheres of planets in the Solar System. We estimate from the basic principles atmospheric conductivity profile and analyze the possible existence of GEC on Mars. Our model shows the absence of fixed GEC on Mars and possibility of current flow through the circuit from extended and powerful generator.

Received: 2014 September 19
Approved: 2015 March 18
96.12.Jt Atmospheres
Rissian citation:
А.А. Евтушенко, Н.В. Ильин, Ф.А. Кутерин.
О существовании глобальной электрической цепи в атмосфере Марса.
Вестн. Моск. ун-та. Сер. 3. Физ. Астрон. 2015. № 1. С. 57.
A.A. Evtushenko, N.V. Ilin, F.A. Kuterin
Russia, 603950, N.Novgorod, Ul’ayanova str., 46, IAPRAS
Issue 1, 2015

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