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The influence of relativistic angle conversion law on laser location of satellites, which are in circular orbits and equipped with single retroreflector

I.V. Mazaeva$^1$, P.A. Pasisnichenko$^2$

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 2017. 72. N 4. P. 402

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It is shown that due to the relativistic transformation law of reflection angles adjoint of a moving retroreflector laser pulse propagates is achieved not strictly back, and at a small angle to the direction to the laser station Therefore it is not the central enters the receiving telescope laser station This beam is pulse beam and located at its periphery. As a result, the flow of electromagnetic energy received by the laser station, zavedo- mo less energy flow in the vicinity of the central beam. On the basis of the numerical analysis evaluated energy flux attenuation coefficient. It is shown that if the receiving telescope is separated from the laser station, to make his mobile and move along the Earth's surface so that the center of each spots formed by the reflected light pulses, got into the telescope, is that they received a stream of electromagnetic energy in the laser Location satellites will increase by more than 100 times, compared to the flow of energy, received stationary telescope laser station. from the above Research shows that the maximum speed on the surface Earth's center spot of the reflected light pulses from retroreflektoraISZ Owls do not exceed 8 km / h.

Received: 2016 May 7
Approved: 2017 October 2
I.V. Mazaeva$^1$, P.A. Pasisnichenko$^2$
$^1$Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics\
$^2$Moscow State Aviation University (MAI)
Issue 4, 2017

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