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The study of stability of linear and linearized systems by formulae of variable parameter of analytical root locus method

G.A. Bendrikov, V.I. Miftakhоv

Moscow University Physics Bulletin 1981. 36. N 2. P. 44

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The paper examines a graphical method for determining domains of stability with respect to a free parameter of systems described by the characteristic equations φ$_{n}$(p)+ ψK$_{m}$(p)=0. Unlike frequency methods, it employs simpler graphs on the real plane (ω $^{2}$, K). The method is advantageous for investigating the stability of higher-order and multicontour systems. Features of the application of the method to certain particular cases are examined. The results are illustrated by numerical examples. In the case of higher-order systems it is advantageous to perform the calculations by computer.

G.A. Bendrikov, V.I. Miftakhоv
Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119992, Russia
Issue 2, 1981

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